No Karma Recordings 2014

Hey! The record label & online store known as No Karma Recordings has been dormant for a while.

This thing started in 1997. It expanded and contracted throughout the years, but was never anyone's full-time career. Still, from 1997 to 2007, we released about 60 records, distributed a couple hundred more, and stocked a few thousand titles from bands and labels large and small.

What started as a slowing-down period (one partner quit; the other partner started a family) turned into a hiatus, and then a sketchy web host lost our entire web site and online store. Life's priorities had shifted, and rebuilding kept getting delayed.

If time allows in 2014, we will find a way to sell off / give away our remaining CDs. Email shop at nokarma dot com if you'd like to know what we've got.

Most No Karma bands are long gone, but off the top of one's head, here are some to recommend:

We hope this black and white HTML document finds you well. Email shop at nokarma dot com if you want to talk. Thanks!